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This is an article on how to set up a Caridina Taiwan Bee/Crystal shrimp tank by professional breeder Truong Nhut Giang (Riversun) in Vietnam. Here is step by step with pictures.

Follow the link for more info on varieties of Caridina shrimps:


Tank: 60x40x40cm

Substrate: Ista Shrimp Soil (PH 5.5)

Additives: Benibachi Beemax, Benibachi Mineral Powder, Benibachi Fulvic Grain, Prodibio Start Up, Prodibio Biodigest, Prodibio StopAmmo

Filter: Undergravel Filter, Atman 3338 canister filter (bypass filter), Odyssea canister filter (bypass filter), DF1300 canister (main filter), Air pump, Eheim Sponge Filter

Filter Media: Sponge, Eheim Substrat pro, Seachem Matrix, Seachem Denitrate

Mineral: Shirakura Liquid Mineral Ca+, Benibachi Minerock, Benibachi Bee Ball

Step 1: Get tank and light ready, glue/tape them with foil insulation on all sides. It is rather hot in Vietnam, so foil insulation will provide an effective vapor barrier and also provides superior protection against radiant heat transfer.also test the cover.

Step 2: Set up undergravel filter, connect to the pump to run the water to canister filter.

Step 3: Prepare the Ista Shrimp Soil and Benibachi Additives

Step 4: Start to pour a thin layer of soil into the tank, enough to cover the undergravel filter

Step 5: spread out all the Benibachi Additive around the soil include Beemax, Mineral Powder and Fulvic Frain

- Beemax helps with cycling while create a good bacteria system for the tank.

- Mineral Powder helps keeping the soil stable, release necessary minerals into the tank.

- Fulvic Grain helps keeping the PH stables in shrimps range

Step 6: pour the rest of the soil into the tank and flatten the soil

Step 7: decorate with plant, moss and also use Benibachi Zero Alpha in the tank. Here he got Fissidens moss tied on cholla wood, Minitaiwan moss tied on Benibachi Zero Alpha and an Opacus plant.

Full shot:

Step 8: time to fill the tank with RO water, the empty soil bag is used to help keep the soil in place while filling water

Step 9: prepare filter, the filter media include: Seachem Matrix, Denitrat, Sera Siporax, Gex ceramic rings

Step 10: Tank is full, run filter and sponge filter:

Opacus Rataj

After a few weeks, tank is cycled. Now shrimps can be added. These are some personal shrimps that he breeds:

At last, shrimps are berried 4 days after living in their new home:

Enjoys, now it's time to setup your own shrimps tank. If you have any question, feel free to send us a message!

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